Bartending at a Restaurant

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People often ask what the best bar to start working in would be. However, I don’t provide a simple answer to that question. There are certainly almost as many different kinds of pubs to get hired at as there are breeds of bartenders. And my answer is everyone of them would be a good starting position. Even if I would prefer to get a job at a cartain environment certainly does not mean other bartenders would and vice versa. Take some time to consider what type of bar you can see yourself succeeding in, since all bars require working hard and a excellent quality bartending education.

As I first began bartending, I didn’t want to bartend in a restaurant. I was convinced I was too good to mix real drinks and not concern myself with serving entrees or have to memorize the silly menu. But nevertheless, this is from where I launched my profession. In my head, I was a bartender for goodness sakes, not some server. In hindsight looking, back to my first bartending job, it’s worth stating that I had the wrong attitude regarding getting a job in a restaurant for my first bartending job.

There are many benefits to bartending in a restaurant. First of all, the more you sell, the higher your tabs will be and the bigger tip you will (hopefully) receive. I can sell specialty cocktails all night long and make pretty decent money, but when I sell specialty cocktails, full dinner service and maybe a couple after-dinner cocktails, I’m going to go home with a lot more money in my pocket. Nowadays, I look at serving food at the bar as a pay raise, not a burden.

Another benefit to bartending in a restaurant? The hours. Sure, I might start earlier than the nightclub bartenders, but I am also out of work before midnight and can still either get a good night’s sleep like the rest of the population or go out with my friends after work on the weekends. The whole sleep the day away thing used to work for me when I was younger, but now that I am older, I enjoy being up among the living. I feel somewhat like a normal person, but who has a cool job.

I can’t cook. Even though I tell people I know how to cook, I only know how to cook three or four recipes really well, without burning my kitchen down. On the nights that I am bartending, I know that I am going to eat like a queen thanks to staff meals or generous staff discounts on menu items. This is only a benefit if you enjoy the food on the menu. Luckily, I do.

Let’s not forget, there is plenty of money to be made bartending in a restaurant. Not only are you being tipped out by the patrons who drink and dine at your bar, but your servers are tipping you out at the end of the night as well.

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Getting a Bartending Job is a Lot Like Other Jobs

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smiling bartenderBartending requires a deep understanding of mixology, however there’s steps you should take as you begin looking for a job in this exciting field to make your life easier as you search.

Smile and Be Charming

There may be 50 candidates or there could be 2, but no matter the number of other applicants you may be facing, you’re character stands out as the greatest factor over which you’ve got control. Let them see how charming you are, how you enjoy smiling and can handle being the center of attention. If this is not you, then do your best to show these qualities at least for the interview.

Your Attire Matters

We teach that you need to dress according to the bartenders who currently work at the bar. This means that if you’re attempting to work at a high class club, you should be certain to wear you’re Sunday’s best. If applying to a hole in the wall bar, dress for a far more casual outfit. Regardless, you still want to look groomed and presentable.

Looking a little more put together than their existing bartenders sends a powerful message, “This position is for me!”. Keep in mind that these sets of rules should be applied even when picking up a blank application. You in no way can predict if the general manager will see that you’re interested in the position and would like to screen you at that moment. Who knows, maybe they have an immediate opening they need to fill. Be prepared for this sort of opportunity.

Be Persistent

Turning in your completed application is only just the first step in the process. Once you’ve applied, head to the bar and ask to speak to someone about a bartending position. Ask for an interview and show interest in working for their establishment. Don’t be afraid to be persistent. Let them know you are the one for the job and are available to start working immediately. As soon as you’ve been interviewed, wait about two days before following up with a phone call. Displaying ambition can help their decision in the matter.

Apply to A lot of Bars

Treat the application process like your job. Go to as many bars as possible and turn in an application. Get the name of the hiring manager. You are far more likely to get a job if you increase your chances. Give yourself a solid chance and put your information in the hands of as many bars as possible. How can they hire you if they don’t have your information?
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You Will Get a Job!

You should also know that there are a good number of bartending resources on the internet for new bartenders. No matter what your skill level, being hired is all about persistence. If you are constantly out there applying then the opportunities will follow. It is up to you if you want to begin bartending.

Bartending School

You can find our bartending lessons which are accessible for free. We provide more than what a lot of expensive schools provide in their curriculum. However for certain individuals, an in-person education is worth paying a few hundred dollars. If this is you, do a google search for a local bartending school.

Should you be having trouble getting a position, consider going to bartending school  or paying for an online course which has a professional certificate. Almost all places will appreciate a certificate and it can influence their decision.

Bartending Hygiene and Cleanliness

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The following points are a number of basic guidelines you need follow in regards to hygiene and sanitation in a professional bar. You may already know most of these, however they are that important, for the health of your friends and the bar’s customers!

Give your customers a reason to stay at your bar, keep it organized and tidy. Always be sure to clean items like shakers and strainers after each use, before serving the next customer. Bartenders should wash and dry their hands often – notably after contact with citrus fruit and juices. It helps avert scaling of the hands and any food-bourne illnesses.

It’s extremely important to take care of yours hands because they receive the most abuse on the job. Keep your nails cut short. Avoid painting your nails so you can draw attention to your drinks instead of something like your fingernails. It’s good practice to leave room at the top of a glass for a customer. Because it causes spills and it also encourages slips.

You can read more on hygiene and cleanliness at Bartender Mixed, which offers a free bartenders guide and mixology tips.